Machine Execution of Human Intentions

Presentation PDF * Presentation Powerpoint presented May 20, 2014 at the AFCEA – GMU C4I Center Symposium: Critical Issues in C4I (George Mason University)

As military machines become ever more intelligent and more autonomous, the second order properties of man-machine coordination are going to become increasingly important. There have already been numerous expensive accidents due to the lack of communications of “intentions” from machine to man – and the ability of machines to process human intentions is getting closer to becoming reality. Further, machines need to become much better at recognizing and communicating anomalies if they are to avoid becoming vulnerable to both tragic accidents and intentional misdirection and “spoofing.” As battle is conducted at an ever-increasing pace in an increasingly complex environment, the interface and coordination of control between machine and man needs to evolve to take advantage of the strengths and support the weaknesses of each in order to maintain the edge and the safety that we need to be able to expect.

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